Power BI (new version)

In this full-day seminar, you are guided in creating a complete analytical solution, using all the features of Power BI. Starting from scratch, you see how to create query in a visual way to import and integrate data from many different sources. You will also learn how to refresh data using the available gateways (personal and enterprise), and how to connect to existing on-premises data models in Analysis Services, without copying and storing data in the cloud by using the SSAS connector.
Finally, you will see an overview the many additional features available in Power BI, such as Q&A, real time updates, custom data visualization, content packs, and others APIs that will become available in the near future.
At the end of the day, you will be ready to start using the entire Power BI stack in your company, choosing the right feature for each requirement and applying the best practices in each step. The additional benefit is to understand how to include cloud services as a part of your data warehouse infrastructure.

Alberto Ferrari